Welcome to the Minescape Web Store!

Our products:

In this store you can currently find Global ranks and Minescape Classic Mystery Chests.

But more is yet to come, and if you feel like something important is missing in this store. Make sure to send an email to contact@minesca.pe

Our Goal:

We are trying to create the minescape experience that the community wants. In order to get the
best experience for each and every one of you we need to cover our costs. Our dream is to be able
to dedicate all the time we have on this game, so we can keep minescape and its community alive!


We are currently in an alpha stage, meaning that not every perk of your rank will be fully functional yet. However, any promised perks will work within a week, and more perks will come as we go. Just be patient and enjoy all the other perks it comes with